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October 17 2017



A cleric who is the Team Mom and only heals by kissing you on the forehead and buffs you by licking her thumb and rubbing away some schmutz on your face

someone’s like “you know that’s not actually required for your job” and she’s like “shhhhh my beautiful child, my healing my rules, I made you a potion, it’s chicken noodle mana” 

Their holy sigil is a macaroni necklace you made in second grade. You didn’t know them in second grade. You’re not sure how they got that macaroni necklace. You ask them about it, and they just slip you a twenty and tell you to get whatever you want at the food court. “What is a food court?” you cry, but it doesn’t matter because they summoned a hero’s feast and everything tastes wonderful, and at some point you crawl into their lap to cry about something you thought you were adult enough to handle. 

“This is you handling it,” they say. “You’re never too big to ask your mom for help.”

“You’re literally not my mother,” you sob.

“But metaphorically,” they say, and you’re like truuuuuuuuuu and sob a little more before they tuck you into a bedroll because you’ve got a big day tomorrow stopping an assassination at a royal palace

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October 16 2017

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infinite power in this dog

Pictured: What its like being with the boys

he just wanted to look cool

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buying ppl things is SUCH a rush.. even if it’s just like.. a bag of their favorite chips or whatever.. the thought of someone experincing even a split-second burst of happiness bc they didn’t expect to get some of their favorite chips that day? what a thrill! love it




is there a pride flag for not fuckin knowing anything at all

yeah but idk what it looks like.

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October 15 2017

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taako and kravtiz are….fave… this is my rendition of 2 beautiful guys, please enjoy


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from tv?

October 14 2017

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October 13 2017

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put this on your blog if you arent a coward

October 12 2017




why my hand shaky

your skeleton is ready to hatch

this is so fucking ominous thank you

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why my hand shaky

your skeleton is ready to hatch

this is so fucking ominous thank you

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quick busts i’ve done recently of some npcs in my campaign, both deeply beloved in my gay little heart

October 11 2017

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